Urban Renewal Projet :Between Parks
Year: 2012
Clients: MGA
Location: Santiago Center, Santiago, Chile
Investment: US$ 955.039.861
Built-up area: 582.000m2

The urban renewal proposal is developed in a total of 180.000m2 and is located in Santiago's City Center. It covers a macro-lot composed of 10 blocks which are located between two vast green areas: O'Higgins Park and Club Hipico horse racing track. This is a privileged location within two great green lawns, excellent connectivity and its limited area allows the proposal of a sectional plan with an organized normative with high density regulations for the sector to intervene. This will generate the whole neighborhood's renewal and a new development hub in Santiago's city center.
The project contemplates residential areas which will have privileged views over both parks; office buildings with commercial area on the first floor which are associated with a great boulevard along the project; a commercial center with a vast boulevard plaza and a variety of buildings which will be destined to art museums, concert halls, restaurants, etc, all of which will be linked to parks and plazas.