San Alfonso del Mar
Year: 1994
Clients: Inmobiliaria El Plomo Ltda.
Location: Algarrobo, Chile
Investment: 1.700.000 UF
Built-up area: 100.000 m2

The master plan for a giant project of 1.200 holiday home units. The plan contemplates an artificial saltwater lagoon, about 0,86 miles long by 0.3 miles wide (on average), parallel to the natural beach.
It contemplates also eight “Sail-Type” (pyramidshaped and terraced), three “Mast-Type” (slim, 14-storey) buildings, three “Pier-Type” (terraced, 6-storey) building, artificial beaches, a temperatewater covered swimming pool, parking areas and gardens, bridges connecting with the natural beach, a fishing pier and various equipment. On the hill it contemplates the building of “Garden-Buildings”, a sports club with tennis lawn and others, a shopping and service area, parking lots, etcetera.

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