Olas de San Pedro
Year: 2007
Clients: Inmobiliaria Olas
Location: San Pedro de la Paz, Concepción, Chile
Investment: USD 32.000.000
Built-up area: 68.000m2

The project includes 1,023 apartments, with total built-up area of 68,000 square meters, in a plot of 7,2 Hectares. The four waves shaped buildings have apartments at both sides of a central corridor (apartments oriented to the East and to the West), and are designed in a stepped shape descending towards the North. This shape allows big terraces on top of the buildings, with magnificent views over the Pacific Ocean. All the four “waves” buildings concurs towards a huge arbor (promenade), where is located the total of the amenities, this is, an indoors swimming pool, a spa, a gym, a pub, a commercial area and a roofed plaza. Some sporting facilities are located at the north side of the promenade and connected to it. There are also an open air swimming pool, a barbecue area and a multi purpose court, located at the West side of the site, with views to the Ocean.