Year: 2017
Clients: CREO Antofagasta
Location: Architecture Contest
Built-up area:

The city of Antofagasta in Chile's far north, has become a hub for mining development and the cultural and touristic center for the Atacama desert region. Its friendly climate and the versatility of its coast, with beaches, natural pools and world renowned waves, allows for a multiple ocean related activities and even international championships.

The hydric restrictions typical of arid climates, are now overcome by the efforts of a sensible masterplan and the opening of a couple of desalination plants. This allows the transformation and enrichment of the whole length of the maritime border in a new park that dialogues between the city, its industrial past and the ocean. "PARK OCEAN'S GATE" - ANTOFAGASTA BLOSSOMS.

The proposal gives continuity and identity to the maritime border by using a distinctive image taken from the collective memory of the inhabitants of the city: the image of sails "sailing" over the ocean. These sails become a recognizable icon of the park, visible from within the city, but also visible from the ocean.

The proposal has as its objectives:
1.- Connect longitudinally the ocean's border in continuous flux from the consolidated parts of the city, to the developing ones.
2.- Create a new image from the city to the ocean and viceversa through recognizable elements giving the identity and continuity to the project.
3.- Convert the maritime border in a nexus between the daily life of the city and the cultural, sport and social activities related to the sea.
4.- Implement the minimum equipment necessary for the development of such activities, without losing the image of a maritime border park.
5.- Recover the proper flora for an ocean's arid climate and the fauna associated to it.