Mauritanian Pavillion on Expo Sevilla '92
Year: 1991
Clients: Ente Estatal Expo '92
Location: Expo '92, Sevilla, Spain
Investment: USD 450.000
Built-up area: 400 m2

An exhibition hall with a 182,25 m2 free interior surface, lighted by a large pyramid-shaped skylight, 8 meters high above level line and 10 meters above the floor level, with a 13,50 m x 13.50 square base. The Pavilion’s walls lean toward the interior, in the manner of sub-saharian buildings. Access through a narrow ramp. The exterior walls are covered with prerusted steel. The interior walls are painted white. The structure is iron. An auxiliary building is joined to the main hall, which includes an office, two bathrooms, a storeroom and transit areas. Perimetral walls, 123 m long and of varying heights, demarcate the plot. They contain a filling and are covered with desert sand.