Los Molinos House
Year: 2015
Clients: JGB
Location: Built
Built-up area: 224m2

The project was born from the structure of an existing 70’s house in a suburb of Santiago. The main idea was to break the centralized plan of the existing house, to liberate space and generate garden and green areas. For this, demolitions were made in the north area of the house, that opened space and views for a new interior garden and also let most of the living spaces to receive north light. The original house had only one floor, the new project incorporated a second one, separating the privacy of the family (3 bedrooms) from the common spaces (living room, kitchen, study and dinning room). Both spaces relate each other via an open sculpture-like stair, made of steel and with wood steps, receiving light from three skylights.
Exterior spaces were think for two kinds of activities; the front garden has hard materials such as stone and gravel, for parking and walking. The backyard was projected as a circuit between the swimming pool, the garden and the terrace.