Condominio Pucará de Aguas Blancas
Year: 1998
Clients: Inmobiliaria Torremolinos Ltda.
Location: Puchuncaví, Maitencillo, Chile
Investment: 5.100.000 UF
Built-up area: 300.000 m2

Master Plan for a 3.560 units second homes mega project developed in an area of 242 Has. The design includes a first row of stepped buildings on the cliff, and cylindrical towers delimiting the landscape.
Then a second row composed by a series of “sail type” buildings facing three large navigable artificial lagoons (20,5 Has), and 2 km of private beaches. In the mediterranean part of the site, there are housing complexes with circular layout (houses/apartments of three stories inserted in the existing pine forest), and also plots for individual houses. The Master plan also includes an Equestrian Club, a Social Sports Club, a Sailing Club, Restaurants, Pubs, an Indoor Swimming Pool, a Spa and general facilities.