Arias House
Year: 1987
Clients: D. Inocencio Arias' FAmily
Location: Aravaca, Madrid, Spain
Investment: USD 450.000
Built-up area: 440 m2

A chalet for a family with three children, consisting of a ground floor (246 m2) with a basement for parking and general systems (69 m2) and a first floor (125 m2). This includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room; on the ground floor are a living room, dining room, office, main bedroom, private dining room, kitchen, laundry room and maid’s bedroom and bathroom. The structure is concrete with large projectings facing South. The facades are apparent brickwork and the sloping upper covers are old arabic tile. The framework is lacquered aluminium and double glass with chamber. The floors are stonework, woodwork and wall-to-wall carpet; the interior walls are plaster.